Heirloom PaaS is built on Java, the strategic application platform of choice for Enterprise IT.

Heirloom PaaS includes Elastic COBOL, an extensive application development toolset that is provided as a plug-in to the industry standard Eclipse IDE framework.

With Elastic COBOL your mainframe applications (including CICS and JCL) execute as Java applications deployed to the Java application server of your choice, on-premise or in the cloud. Applications can continue to be developed in COBOL or in Java or both, enabling the transformation to Java to occur at a pace that is optimal for your business.

You can download Elastic COBOL for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and the cloud.

Elastic COBOL™

With Elastic COBOL, developers in any location can provision a development or deployment platform on-premise or in the cloud within minutes.

Elastic COBOL is a high-quality cost-effective platform that erases major commercial and technical barriers that exist with outdated solutions, so that your high-value trusted business applications can fully & seamlessly participate in contemporary software stacks & cloud computing platforms.

Remove the Barriers

 Translate Cobol to Java
FREE & low-cost high-quality solutions for development & deployment.

Available on Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.

Support for 15 COBOL dialects including Mainframe and Micro Focus.



Develop In The Cloud

Legacy application modernization
Access your Eclipse IDE from any location with a network.

Pre-configured, pre-installed instances accelerate provisioning.

Utilize secure cloud-based code repos to maximize collaboration.



Destination Java

Transform enterprise applications into Java source-code
COBOL, CICS & JCL apps run on the high-performance Java platform.

Consolidate & simplify your enterprise application deployments.

Transform enterprise applications into Java source-code.