Heirloom PaaS is built on Java, the strategic application platform of choice for Enterprise IT.

Heirloom PaaS includes Elastic COBOL, an extensive application development toolset that is provided as a plug-in to the industry standard Eclipse IDE framework.

With Elastic COBOL your mainframe applications (including CICS and JCL) execute as Java applications deployed to the Java application server of your choice, on-premise or in the cloud. Applications can continue to be developed in COBOL or in Java or both, enabling the transformation to Java to occur at a pace that is optimal for your business.

You can download Elastic COBOL for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.

Elastic COBOL™

With Elastic COBOL, developers in any location can provision a development or deployment platform on-premise or in the cloud within minutes.

Elastic COBOL is a high-quality cost-effective platform that erases major commercial and technical barriers that exist with outdated solutions, so that your high-value trusted business applications can fully & seamlessly participate in contemporary software stacks & cloud computing platforms.

Remove the Barriers

FREE & low-cost high-quality solutions for development & deployment.

Available on Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.

Support for 15 COBOL dialects including Mainframe and Micro Focus.



Develop In The Cloud

Access your Eclipse IDE from any location with a network.

Pre-configured, pre-installed instances accelerate provisioning.

Utilize secure cloud-based code repos to maximize collaboration.



Destination Java

COBOL, CICS & JCL apps run on the high-performance Java platform.

Consolidate & simplify your enterprise application deployments.

Transform enterprise applications into Java source-code.