Enterprise applications form the backbone of many companies. These applications, with complex business logic, are often a company’s core market differentiator. With the advent of the cloud and the rising expense of mainframes, companies are looking to integrate these central business applications and leverage the agility of open systems and the cloud. Equally important is the rising need to have Java programmers own, manage and maintain enterprise applications, thereby reducing dependencies on mainframe skill-sets. And one thing is certain, rewriting or replacing core enterprise applications are not viable options.

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Heirloom Computing has revolutionized the approach of migrating mainframe enterprise applications into Java while preserving complex business logic. With 100% guaranteed accuracy, no re-write and no vendor lock-in, Enterprise IT can now automatically translate enterprise applications to integrate with modern systems, effortlessly maintain the application, and always be in control of where the application runs so long as it’s on a Java Virtual Machine. Through patented advanced language transformation and open architecture, Heirloom PaaS compiles and translates COBOL to Java in one-step, leveraging the Eclipse IDE for continued application development and modification.

Heirloom PaaS uniquely provides a cloud-ready open run-time deployment platform that can run on current internal systems or within a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. Read less


Heirloom PaaS is built on Java, the strategic application platform of choice for Enterprise IT.

The Heirloom PaaS SDK includes Elastic COBOL™, an extensive application development toolset that is provided as a plug-in to the industry standard Eclipse IDE framework.

With Elastic COBOL your mainframe applications (including CICS and JCL) execute as Java applications deployed to the Java application server of your choice, on-premise or in the cloud. Applications can continue to be developed in COBOL or in Java or both, enabling the transformation to Java to occur at a pace that is optimal for your business.


Heirloom PaaS uses patented compiler technology to automatically transform mainframe applications into highly-maintainable Java source-code, with 100% accuracy, while guaranteeing the preservation of existing business logic.

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You can download the Heirloom PaaS SDK for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.