Heirloom PaaS Overview

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Heirloom PaaS transforms enterprise applications automatically from COBOL to Java with 100% accuracy.

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You can download Elastic COBOL for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.

Legacy Code

Enterprise legacy applications form the operational and transactional backbone of an organization. Considered the crown jewels, they hold the company’s most valuable assets – critical data and decades-worth of differentiating business logic. Written in archaic languages, like COBOL, these applications are isolated and difficult to integrate with modern computing platforms. Transform your enterprise legacy applications into highly-extensible Java source-code in minutes. Learn More
Heirloom Computing is the only company with a software platform that can automatically transform enterprise applications into Java in one step, with 100% accuracy, while guaranteeing the preservation of existing business logic. With extensive support for IBM and Micro Focus dialects, as well as CICS, JES/JCL, VSAM & SQL, Heirloom can dramatically reduce your dependency on mainframe and other proprietary environments while increasing your IT and business agility. Contact us to learn more Read Less

Heirloom PaaS

Heirloom’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an enterprise-class application development and deployment platform that automatically transforms mainframe applications into Java source-code, with guaranteed accuracy, and in one-step. What’s more, Heirloom PaaS gives you the flexibility to retain both source code formats for on-going application development. Learn More

Heirloom PaaS fully exploits open software stacks and is cloud ready – eliminating vendor lock-in and providing IT with the flexibility to run applications anywhere there is a Java Virtual Machine. Leveraging the Eclipse IDE for application development, Heirloom PaaS enables access to thousands of available application frameworks, tools and plugins. Cost-effective, low-risk, and guaranteed to retain your existing business logic, Heirloom PaaS is a truly transformational platform. Contact Heirloom today to learn how to pivot your organization from one burdened by inflexible infrastructure, to one that is instantly agile. Contact us to learn more Read Less

Heirloom Benefits

Reduce or eliminate your dependency on mainframe and other proprietary environments by transforming your enterprise legacy applications into Java with 100% guaranteed accuracy. Reduce operational risk by preserving decades-worth of complex and differentiating business logic. Reduce costs and integrate with modern systems. Learn More

In today’s competitive environment, IT system agility is critical for market success. Heirloom PaaS provides that agility. Heirloom software compiles and translates COBOL to Java in one-step, eliminating complexity while enabling enterprises to take advantage of available open source technologies to prevent vendor lock-in. Once transformed, Enterprise IT has the choice to manage legacy applications in COBOL with existing personnel or with Java personnel, reducing dependency on mainframe skill-sets. 100% open and cloud ready, Heirloom PaaS is compatible with internal systems, private, public or hybrid clouds, giving IT the control to make decisions as to where to run applications. Quickly and safely transform your enterprise applications with ease and confidence. Contact us to learn more Close


Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading systems integrators to offer complete application modernization & PaaS enablement solutions to enterprises and ISVs.

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